Contribution to Society

1. Nanz regularly supplies free medicines to medical camps and charitable hospitals.
2. We operate a free canteen for the workers during working hours.
3. We provide free education for the children of our workers.
4. Nanz has adopted a govt. school at Rampur ghat, Paonta Sahib and we are constantly working for the welfare of the school.
5. We distribute bags sweaters, shoes & socks to the children of the Govt. Primary and Secondary school at Rampur Ghat, Paonta Sahib, H.P
6. We have constructed classroom for the students and an office for the senior staff of the school.
7. We give regular donations to the Red Cross and many such other organisations.
8. We give financial help for the weddings of our employers and their children.
9. We have contributed for an ambulance to be used by the sick and needy people.
10. Our aim is to help the down trodden and from time to time we provide financial assistance to them.
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